Following its acquisition, Yagaan has become Pradeo.

Application security: overcoming massive vulnerability detection

Based on code mining technology, our source code analysis solutions (SAST, Static Application Security Testing) go further than simply detecting security flaws. They support all application security players in protecting their applications, regardless of their maturity level.

How? By automatically providing them with an exhaustive mapping of their application source code properties (including sensitive business data), and by helping them understand, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities that have a truly critical impact on the efficiency of DevSecOps processes.

Pradeo's source code analysis, the Security-by-design solution adopted by CISOs, R&D Directors, Developers, Pentesters, Auditors of VSBs, SMBs and Major Groups to actively strengthen the security of their web and mobile applications.


Selected by SAP-Labs on their VULN-AI challenge (Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir)


Prizewinner "connected health" of the innovation challenge at VIV&Health Tech, the e-health trade show.