YAG-Suite for each AppSec stakeholder !

At Yagaan, it is our business to provide you the means to tackle the application security challenge with the YAG-Suite, the next generation tool that we designed. The YAG-Suite is based on an innovative use of static analysis (SAST) to support DevSecOps and software risk reduction from the very beginning of the development.

Thus, in addition to the usual detection of potential vulnerabilities, our source code expertise tool assists all application security stakeholders in understanding, prioritizing and correcting vulnerabilities that will have an impact on the application's end user business.

Whether in support of "secure coding" developments or for assisting deep code investigations during audits and pentests, our expert solution actively contributes to the continuous securing of applications, in line with such reference as the OWASP top 10 or by adapting to the customer's specific best practices, while respecting the available resources.

From detection to remediation, the YAG-Suite assists you for exploring, understanding and fixing vulnerabilities.
Security Champion / Auditor
Prioritize remediation actions and investigate complex vulnerabilities with code mining.
Risk Manager
Master the cyber risk carried out by your applications in your business context and boost your secure coding process.