Secure your code before release

Developer / Secure coder

A simple and intuitive tool to support secure coding

Fully integrated in your daily work environment, the YAG-Suite simplifies your life for implementing the secure coding best practices and to fix the vulnerabilities which never fail to appear in software developments.

CI/CD integration

Check the security of the code at each build of your project with the CI/CD chain (Gitlab, Jenkins, etc.).

Security gates allow you to stop the build of the application before vulnerabilities make their way into release. Integration is simple and only requires a command line or a docker container call.

SQL injection diagnostic in the Jetbrains plugin.

Each vulnerability explained in detail in your IDE

Each vulnerability detected by the YAG-Suite is associated an educational diagnostic to, allowing to understand the causes of the warning and to develop your secure coding skills.

The vulnerability diagnostic is interactive and supports you in navigating through the source code, following the attack vector and the different causes leading to the vulnerability.

Remediation support for a SQL injection with the Jetbrains plugin.

Concrete remediation proposals

In addition to generic recommendations present in each vulnerability documentation, the YAG-Suite shows you concrete examples of secure code.

These examples are extracted from your own application source code in the same context as the vulnerability you focus on, in order to make the best use of conventions and technologies already used in the application.